Margaret T. Hance Park (also known as Hance Park) is named in honor of the city's first female mayor. The 32-acre park is located in the heart of downtown, sitting atop the i10 freeway tunnel, between 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street.​ The park is home to the Japanese Friendship Garden, Irish Cultural Center, McClelland Irish Library, Phoenix Center for the Arts, and Burton Barr Phoenix Central Library, as well as other music festivals and events such as 8123 Fest, Noche en Blanco, and more.​


Hance Park is located at:

1218 N 2nd St
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(Google Maps link)


For more information on Hance Park, check out Hance Park Conservancy (HPC) at

PLEASE NOTE: There is extremely limited parking around Hance Park. We recommend taking public transportation like the Valley Metro Rail, doing rideshare with Lyft, or carpooling when possible.